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In the very likely event of a GMR outbreak these soft & squishy Rats are just the ticket! They're friendly little eepers who'll fit just about anywhere. They're available in fur or fleece and come in various markings & colours. COSTS Black-eyed SELF - £7.00 Pink-eyed SELF - £8.00 Black-eyed MARKED - £8.00 Pink-eyed MARKED - £9.00 Black, Pink & Odd eyes are available. The black eyes are safety eyes, similar to a teddys' eye and the pink eyes are BEADS so are not suitable for very young children . Your Rat can be Dumbo or Top-eared, the choice is yours! I'll also be developing more Ratty Kit designs, including Soft Toy 'Urns' in which you'll be able to place your furry friends ashes.
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